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Do you know where your prospective customers are right now?

Linda Cobb, the Queen of Clean® is the go to expert for all things cleaning. She is the author of the New York Times #1 Best selling Queen of Clean book series, selling millions of copies and published in 11 languages. The Queen is a TV and radio personality, and multi-media expert and social media influencer.

She delivers her family-friendly natural cleaning solutions and formulas and recommends quality products and services, all with a sense of humor that her fans appreciate and follow.

Who else has Talked Dirty with the Queen of Clean?  Oprah, Dr. Phil, The View, Today Show, The List, Arm and Hammer, Pine-sol, Mr. Clean, Stainmaster Carpet, and many others both big and small.

If you’re not – you should be – Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean! It’s what your potential customers are doing.

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Queen of Clean can provide expanded marketing, visibility and exposure for your product or business using the power of her voice instantly reaching thousands of social media followers and captive fans base. So, if you're looking to expand your brand awareness, the Queen of Clean is the perfect place to make it happen!

Queen's Endorsement

Want to have a product or your business endorsed by the Queen of Clean? You're in luck... She loves to endorse products and businesses once the approval process is complete. If approved, you'll get the amazing benefits of the Queen sharing her experience with your product and/or business, to thousands of fans and followers on all social media platforms and direct email marketing. Plus, you'll be approved to use the highly respected and familiar Queen of Clean name and Logo on your product(s) and/or business.


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